Comen, as China's leading medical device manufacturer, since its establishment, continues to develop and keeps making progress, becomes a new driving force for promoting the development of electro-physiological and medical device fields by its exploration and innovation.


Comen, working with well-known research institutes and universities at home and abroad, make research in the field of ECG, life information monitoring and obstetric care in a development mode of industry-university-research, bringing innovative technological breakthroughs and filling multiterm technical blanks of Chinese electrophysiology products. It has developed more than 30 varieties of product on the world's leading role, such as STAR 8000 multi-parameter monitor series, STAR 8800 central monitoring system, STAR 5000 obstetric care series, CM ECG machine and so on.



Comen has set up complete network of sales and service in many countries and regions as well as Chinese market, can quickly meet customer needs by its scientific and professional services system, becoming the most valuable partners of customers. There are over 9,000 medical institutions in more than 100 countries and regions in the world bringing health live for the public through Comen medical products.


Comen will continue to devote itself to the exploration and research in medical devices field with the courage and spirit of explorers; and will make the public easily enjoy the health future brought by technology medical treatment with better quality and service.


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