DIGITEX as a brand stands for Building Better Lives. We are a people organization and believe in the power of oneness and mutual progression under a common seal. For us, individuals make the organization and we create platform wherein individual aspirations are met with company objectives. We challenge our employees to take on leadership roles, deliver their best and rise in their respective domains.  These fundamental values come to us with the power of vision and intellect that we bank upon. 

Today our employees, customers, competition know us for being a healthcare company operating in medical instrumentation branded as DIGITEXMedical. Over the next five years, DIGITEX will operate in Hospitality, E-Commerce, Real Estate and Retail. 

DIGITEX today has already started the change. The company is operating on Pan India basis, working on developing new partnerships, diversifying into existing business, spending on brand building and marketing initiatives and lastly but not the least expanding its physical infrastructure. All these initiatives are directed towards just a single objective and that is Growth. As an institution in making, we are taking the right steps in the right directions. We are working towards making DIGITEX an institution illustrating integrity, quality and market leadership. 

OUR SYMBOL- Our symbol signifies balanced growth and progression. The four sided squares signify importance of moving in all directions in a balanced way. The two boxes moving up-right signify moving up and forward and the single box means as you move forward, you reach newer milestones.   

Building Better Lives  

OUR TAGLINE- Our tagline "Building Better Lives" signifies our companies philosophy, values and vision to build better life for all. DIGITEX as a brand endeavours to positively influence and impact society at large by consistently bringing in world-class products and solutions so as to improve people's standard of living and make it more comforting, fulfilling and better.