DIGITEX has been into business for last two decades. In the last twenty years, the company has created the niche for itself in the medical industry by promoting the best quality products to healthcare institutions and individuals.

India, in the 21st century, has allot to offer to people who believe in the Grand India theory. There are tremendous opportunities for careers to be made and brands to be invented. There are opportunities for development of new age TATAS, BIRLAS and AMBANIS. With India being at the centre-stage of global economic and trade forte, there’s great internationalization happening of India as a brand. The globe realizes the vital role India, its businesses and its people will play in the next two decades to follow. 

Holding true to these macroeconomic facts, DIGITEX is working towards diversifying its business. The company has commissioned a hospitality project in Delhi-NCR establishing a 6000 sq. feet guest house facility. The company has also launched its first e-commerce website: www.digitexstore.com

By April, 2015, DIGITEX will diversify into real estate and retail businesses with medical and hospitality as frontline businesses. DIGITEX Management is committed to make DIGITEX as a household Pan India brand illustrating growth, prosperity and real value.