DIGITEXMedical is committed to cause of Waste Management, Human Healthcare, Child Education and Clean Environment.

Waste Management: The company is implementing green practices by cutting down on resource utilization and contributing its bit to the environment. The company minimizes consumption of water, electricity and reduces paper consumption by re-using the discarded papers. Company has also invested in Powersaver technology instruments for saving electricity at its premises in April 2011. This has helped the company in reducing its power consumption by 10% doing its bit for the environment.

Human Healthcare: The company takes its business of promoting medical products as a social welfare initiative. The company has been given substantial discounts to Charity hospitals across Delhi for procurement of medical devices.

Child Education: The company had sponsored ANANT-Reaching Beyond-a social movement aimed at reiterating the importance of education in the eyes of the Indian society in the past. The company has made volunteer donations with CRY and PLAN INDIA to support child welfare and education and is a member of AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL.

Clean Enviroment: The company issue periodic advisories to its employees to promote clean environment practices. In future, company has elaborate plans to scale up its clean environment movement and make it more public. The company employees also run their blogs with Greenpeace for Detox movement.