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Multifunction monitor for continuous patient monitoring both in hospital and during transportation. UM 300-10 monitor is moved together with the patient providing continuous monitoring at all treatment stages that allows fully assess the patient's condition and timely evaluate the effectiveness of the resuscitation procedures.

·         Multi-parameter measurement module and transport patient monitor in one device - can be connected to other UM 300 series monitors and transfer all accumulated information that really makes the monitoring process continuous

·         Flexible - wide range of functional capabilities due to UniPort universal connector technology for measuring modules connection

·         Advanced technologies - Nellcor OxiMax™, CASMED technology and PiCCO™ technology

·         Ultra slim and small – light-weight, compact (only 5 cm width), battery operation up to 5 hours

·         Special mounting solution for ambulance, patients bed and handle

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UM300 is multi-parameter vital signs networked patient monitor with 12.1” TFT Color Display, wide viewing angle of 160 degrees, built in navigation knob, top-held rugged housing, front-view parameter modules, LAN Ethernet & WIFI Connectivity, 4 Hours Battery and more. The monitor parametric capabilities from standard five parameters to advance patient monitoring parameters such as EtCO2, Cardiac Output, Multi-Gas Monitoring and Comprehensive Arrhythmia Detection.


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A new generation of patient monitors UM-500 allows to provide continuous monitoring of a patient whenever it is necessary. There is no need to buy anesthesia or transport monitor as UM-500 combines all these features. Integrated telemetry module that is transported together with a patient enables continuous monitoring during the whole treatment period wherever a patient is. A wide range of measurement modules, bright TFT display (15”), wired and wireless channels of data transmission to a single hospital network make UM-500 a unique solution for any medical institution.


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The Central Station UCS 1000 offers combining current information received from the patient monitors UM300 that are placed in operating rooms and intensive care units, and centralized monitoring vital signs of all the patients, being monitored. The central station displays current graphic and numeric information from the bedside monitors, alarms status of all monitored parameters, allows to keep the patient’s electronic card for the whole monitoring period, having access to the period records, as well as provides the tools for advanced processing of arrhythmia, conduction abnormalities and heart rate variability. Using modern wired (Ethernet) and wireless (WIFI) technologies of data communication allows to create the most effective configuration of monitor’s information network meeting the requirements of each clinic.


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Mediana P10 Spot Check SPO2

- Easy to read bright blue LCD and handy design
- 255 hours trend memory with 60sec' recording time interval.
- Comportable Network Solution: Transfering DATA to PC for Trend View
- MEDIANA's first and advanced SpO Module optimized
- Alarm setting available
- Powerful battery application : AAA Battery with 30hrs of operation 
- Enhanced trend memory : 180hrs of trend with 20sec' recording time interval

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