Etkin Tibbi Cihazlar, Turkey

Etkin Medical Devices is an innovation company that leads the LED surgical light technology and market in Turkey and in the world. Etkin Medical has started to develop and manufacture LED surgical lighting systems in 2012 and have become one of the renowned brands in the world. The company has been awarded by the Turkish government in 2013 as one of the fastest growing 100 Turkish companies.

Etkin Medical Devices was established in 1996 as a medical device sales and service company. Since its establishment Etkin Medical Devices have adopted high quality and trustworthy customer service as the company's main philosophy. In the Turkish market it performs in the areas of LED surgical lights, operating room equipment supplies, radiology, anesthesia, surgery, intensive care, gynecology, pediatrics and sterilization. Currently LED surgical light products constitute the only international business product line.

Etkin Medical Devices have certifications in TS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, TS EN ISO 13485 Medical Devices Quality Management System, TS EN ISO IEC 17020 Inspection Corporations Management System and TS EN ISO IEC 17025 Testing and Calibration Laboratories Management System.

Etkin Medical Devices has operations in manufacturing, sales, imports and technical support for various medical devices, and laboratory services for providing technical and metrological assistance for medical devices, for sterilization, intensive care units, and surgical devices in addition with an expertise in radiology.


Etkin Medical Devices is located in the center of Izmir City in Alsancak, Konak. Global operations, sales, customer service, biomedical laboratory services and general administration are managed in the headquarters office.

Etkin Medical Devices Headquarters Office

Mimar Sinan Mh. 1358 Sk. No:9

Konak, Izmir  35100, Turkey

Business Activities

LED Surgical Lights 

Etkin Medical Devices manufactures and sells high quality LED surgical lights to government owned and privately owned institutions and it is the sole Turkish OEM in this sector. LED surgical lights sales constitute the main revenue stream of the company and have been booming since the day the manufacturing started in 2012.

Importing into Turkey & Sales

Etkin Medical is an active key importer and seller in Turkey for the below listed products:

·         Radiology devices

·         Sterilization equipment

·         Patient monitoring systems

·         Emergency care systems

·         Operating room equipment

Service, Metrology and Calibration

Etkin Medical provides service and maintenance for the medical devices it imports and sells. The customer service team is capable of fast response in case of emergency service needs and provide high quality installation, maintenance and repair services.

Etkin Medical's biomedical metrology laboratory provides excellent calibration control services for medical devices with an expertise on radiology field.