Omron’s goal is to become a corporate group that people can always depend on, and an organization that continues to live up to the high expectations of people around the world. To this end, we remain committed to addressing many issues facing people around the world through our business.

Over the past years since Omron’s founding, the world has undergone radical changes. In 1933, the world’s population was around 2 billion; today, it exceeds 7 billion. Per capita GDP has increased roughly four times over, and the average lifespan has nearly doubled. In the midst of these rapid changes, Omron has taken on countless challenges, pursuing technological innovation by anticipating social needs and quickly responding to them. By creating new value centered on automation, we have contributed to the sound and sustainable growth of society and the improvement in people’s lives. As a result, Omron has grown into a global leader in the field of automation, with some 36,000 employees working in more than 35 countries around the world.

Omron’s core value is “Working for the benefit of society.” This represents our commitment to coexist and grow in harmony with society. To live up to this philosophy, all employees will proactively take on new challenges and work together to propel the company forward. We seek to quickly uncover latent social needs around the world and provide products and services that contribute to the sustainable development of society.

In July 2011, we unveiled our new long-term management strategy called “Value Generation 2020 (VG2020),” in which we declared our resolve to grow through value creation. The strategy’s 10-year period leading up to 2020 is divided into two stages. The first three years, designated the “GLOBE STAGE,” involved the establishment of global profit and growth structures. The remaining seven years have been designated the “EARTH STAGE,” during which we will spur growth through creation of new value. With the completion of the GLOBE STAGE in fiscal 2013, fiscal 2014 marks the start of the EARTH STAGE. We will work harder than ever to strengthen our profit and growth structures.

As always, we will promote a management approach designed to boost Omron’s corporate value. Please keep an eye on Omron as we continue to grow. Your support is greatly appreciated.

April 2014 | Yoshihito Yamada | President and CEO | OMRON Corporation

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About us

Serving through innovation

We’re intensely proud of our Japanese heritage. The ability to develop advanced solutions to difficult problems is what has made us the worldwide leader we are today. We have dedicated R&D sites that are continuously innovating new healthcare solutions. OMRON is the worldwide leader in Blood Pressure Monitoring and has sold over 130 million units since 1973. 

Our Mission

OMRON Healthcare is committed to improving the quality of everyone’s lives by providing clinically validated, innovative medical equipment for health monitoring, therapy and disease prevention. Our extensive range of products includes blood pressure monitors, respiratory therapy devices, electronic fever thermometers and activity monitors, body composition monitors, and a line of medical devices for professional applications. Our products have a proven reputation for high quality and performance, ease of use, innovative technology and attractive features.

Our Vision

OMRON HEALTHCARE INDIA will be a high quality growth, multi-local company in the consumer and professional market place with focus on the management of chronic disease and provide superior products and services for prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Our Social Responsibility

Education and health management for all OMRON is committed to helping people lead happier and
healthier lives. Knowledge is the key. By looking beyond the technology, our real commitment lies in building healthy lives. We aim to provide a total healthcare management service, aimed at preventing and improving such increasingly common health problems as hypertension, respiratory problems, diabetes and obesity.

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